The Start of a New Journey

3 thoughts on “The Start of a New Journey

  1. I really liked this blog, I like how talked about the year as a journey and how it is finally over. I liked how you talked about how you broke out of your shell when you participated in discussions.

    I liked how you discussed your questions for each novel we read. Overall it was very well written and I liked how you showed your growth as a student and individual over the year.

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  2. Nicholas Dinh,
    It’s been an honor sitting next to you every day. I really enjoyed how your content is super relatable. “Going in, I didn’t know what to expect at all. However the one thing that I did expect was to write a full length essay on Nickel and Dimed the first day at school, but even that didn’t end up happening! ” I agree with you that there were some minor setbacks in the year but with me by your side anything is possible. I hope to continue our relationship as friends and classmates in our senior year at school. Great work on this blog post and I hope that you continue blogging.

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  3. I like how you included the fact that Ziebarth took students’ opinions into account which in turn helped you with the schoolwork in general. This shows that the teachers are just as important when it comes to a student’s success in school, not just the students’ efforts.

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