Allergic to…Life?!

15390760927_0a070d7fbb_oPhoto © 2014 by tdlucas5000 [CC BY 2.0]

It’s that time of year again! Oh yes, I am talking about Spring, all its beautiful weather, all the beautiful flowers, all the beautiful mos—wait a minute. Mosquitoes? Allergies? Blazing hot days and freezing nights? I don’t remember the spring being this deadly since…well, ever! I really have no idea what causes these phenomenon. For one, I at least did my research and discovered the mosquito infestation is most likely thanks to the huge downpour of rain that ended the sever year long drought southern California was in. The allergies are probably due to the pollen of all the blooming flowers. Though this year my symptoms have been particularly brutal. It is possible that it is because my entire home is being uprooted to make room for my cousin and her mother who are moving in with us. The house looks like the back of an IKEA with boxes stretching as far as the eye can see. All the dust kicked up after years of collecting must have saturated the air with irritants to bombard my nostrils with. Of course Iv’e had allergies and incidents with mosquitoes before, but never like this. You wouldn’t believe me but I just now sneezed over 25 times in writing this blog post. Also if I were to shine my light out of my window right now I would probably spot upwards of 10-12 mosquitoes waiting to come in and drain me of my life force those evil creatures! At the end of the day I have but one question…Why?!


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