Big Pharma

3119628517_322d728ccd_oPhoto © 2008 by Ed Wohlfahrt [CC BY-NC 2.0]

I watched a  video on YouTube a couple weeks ago of one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank. The premise of the show is aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs go in front of some pretty notable business people to pitch their idea and earn investors. This is extremely inspiring because these people are putting themselves out there in order to chase their dreams of financial freedom. While I absolutely love most of the deals on the show, I couldn’t help but be kind of unnerved for this one deal.

The man was selling nasal screens which would dramatically decrease inhalation of diseases and pollution, a huge market, especially for countries like China and India with billions of people and copious amounts of pollution. The disturbing thing is that he had already pitched this idea to the big drug companies, the people who should be working to cure us and remedy our pains. Instead of helping him get his product to those who needed it they said “Why prevent it for a dollar when we can treat it for 14” This is why I absolutely despise American medical care, at least how the no longer seem to care about making advances and revolutions in preventative medicine, and instead just focusing on where the profits are. After centuries and trillions of dollars in research, the best cure for cancer we can think of is destroying every single cell in the body? Give me a break!

This is further proven by the fact that if he had sold it to them, they would have shelved it. Some have even speculated that one of the investors who offered the highest sum of money in Shark Tank’s history would have resold the product to the Pharmaceutical companies for an even greater profit, shelving it in the process. To think that, when given the opportunity to save lives beforehand, these healthcare companies choose to instead wait until we are on our deathbeds before extending a hand sickens me.



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