Zine Machine

16153288227_511f37f94c_oPhoto © 2015 by Abdulla Al Muhairi [CC BY 2.0]

This past week, a friend of my English teachers, Ziba Zehdar-Gazdecki was able to visit Mr. Ziebarth’s class and fill us in on the fascinating world of zines. What is a “zine” you ask? Well, a zine is basically a mini-magazine, hence the shortened name of ‘zine.’ That definition is kind of misrepresentative, however, because I’ve come to find out from Ziba’s presentation and reading this article that zines are so much more. A zine is unique. It is a medium with which one can express ideas and thoughts without the limitations of professionalism.  Using drawings, printed pictures, or even snippings from a newspaper or magazine, we can create a book without any limitations and designed by our own imaginations. I like the idea of making booklets that we can put just about anything inside (with a specific topic of course). The way we design the zine along with the content inside of it, in my opinion, is what makes zines enjoyable to read and memorable.

Now that we’ve brushed up a little bit on zines, I want to move away from what they are and more onto the experience that they bring. As the article points out, zines make a perfect escape for a new generation of teens in today’s world saturated with fake news and distracting headlines. Sometimes, all I want to do is sit down and read a nice and creative magazine so I would turn to something like GQ, known for their unique style. But lately, even they have begun to become marred by the tabloid articles and formalization that comes with the big publishing names. Perhaps how that my horizons have been expanded, zines will become my new favorite medium of information gathering? (aside from the internet of course)


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