Si Se Puede!

arrest-of-the-palateros-frank-romero-molaaImage painted by Frank Romero, picture taken by yours truly at the MOLAA

This past Saturday I went on a field trip with all of my friends to the MOLAA or Museum of Latin American Art. Their main exhibit was a retrospective of Frank Romero, an artist whose art is widely associated with the Chicano Movement. The Chicano movement, led by Cesar Chavez, went on at the same time as the March on Washington by Martin Luther King Jr., except that it was a civil rights movement for Hispanics in an age where they were being deported by the millions.

The experience was truly a pleasure as I was able to incorporate my history lessons and my love of art, as well as connect this art movement to myself as well. Though I do not come from a Hispanic lineage, my culture and people have also struggled with discrimination and fought for recognition through civil rights so I am very proud when I see the bravery of all those before me who paved the way for the amazing life I, along with millions of others, live today in the land of opportunity.


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