How could Student Loans Get Any Worse?

13001465513_099c259195_oPhoto © 2014 by Joe Brusky [CC BY-NC 2.0]

I don’t always read the newspaper, but when I do…it’s because my English teacher Mr. Ziebarth handed them out in class. All jokes aside, I picked up this interesting article from a paper copy of the New York Times, even though I live in California in the digital age. Amazing! This past week our English class has been focusing on issues that plague our society, ranging from social to economic to political. As you can probably guess from the article, mine is an economic issue, specifically student loans and debt (something which most likely will affect my in the immediate future).

The article chronicles the Navient has come under fire for exacerbating an already worsening situation for students who wish to further their education. It is a known trend that college tuition has been slowly getting more and more expensive over the years, this is especially the case with private universities. Now you may be saying, “Why not just go to a community college then?” Of course that is an alternative, but many students, including myself, want to experience the full college lifestyle. And we don’t just want to attend some college in the back-country either, we actually are looking for colleges with sufficient facilities and professors to provide higher education for the next generation. It simply isn’t fair that nowadays, you have to be loaded with cash to be able to better yourself. Imagine how many more Albert Einsteins or Isaac Newtons we could have gotten had they not been probably denied sufficient college education due to a lack in funding.

This is the primary reason why Bernie Sanders, one of the oldest presidential candidates ever and a literal socialist was able to gain so much traction in capitalist America, because the biggest thing going for him was “free college tuition” While this may not have necessarily been feasible, it struck a chord with students around the nation. However those same students’ hopes may have been crushed as rumors have it that President Trump is planning to take billions out of education funding in order to supplement his military budget increase. This could only mean one thing, tuition fees will go up, even public colleges’. That is the reason it saddens me to see that a company like Navient would be so neglectful at the cost of their customers, the scholars of today, the dreamers, designers, innovators of tomorrow.


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