Autocorrect Saves Lives

masterPhoto: screenshot of one of President Trump’s misspellings

From this point on, the rest of the post will not be proofread (to prove a point):

Recently we had to write a post about an article called Let’s Get Specific. While the article wasn’t necessarily talking about grammar and spelling, I think the who “attention to detail” theme can also be applied to this issue. This week our source comes from an L.A. Times article by Allan Fallow, who tweets as Conan the Grammarian, and is a writer and editor in Alexandria, Va. In the article, Fallow proceeds to grill our new president over his previous misspellings through his social media accounts.

Now if the person behind these spelling mistakes was just any other guy, I would be okay with it because, admittedly I, too, make mistakes from time to time (though it is mostly through private messaging and in extremely rare cases in a public post). However, not only is the man behind these messages a billionaire and head of a large multinational corporation, he is also a celebrity whom millions of followers look up to, and perhaps most importantly, he is the president of the most powerful and the third most populous nation on the planet. With such massive influence as well as having the entire world looking up to him and what he says, it is quite negligent of out new president to be making these kinds of mistakes which can be easily fixed if proofread (unless, of course, you just don’t know how to spell period). When it comes to my public posts, I have many layers of proofreading going on. First, I already of autocorrect implemented in the background to find and replace any misspellings on my mobile device. On my computer, my web browser automatically detects misspellings and underlines them in red, which I promptly fix. Okay, but let’s say I autocorrect missed a word for some reason, I would still go back and proofread through my entire post because I know that it is my responsibility to safeguard my message about to be exposed to the prying eyes of the entire world.

If I, a regular high school student, have access to these proofreading methods, I would expect one of, if not the most powerful man on earth to have the same tools at his disposal + some more. Now I will point out that some of the mistakes cited by Fallow were from Trump’s campaign months and others were not from Trump at all. Nevertheless, Trump has always been a celebrity and should know that he has an audience who will always read his posts. I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to make these mistakes in private messaging because it is, well, private! Public social media posts, on the other hand, are a whole other ball game and President Trump should be ready to play.

Again, I did not proofread this entire post, but I payed enough attention as I was typing that I was able to make minimal errors.


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