SQUID Reflection

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From the initial conception of this blog until now, it appears that I have written most about things that incite an emotional response as well as things that perplex me or pique my curiosity. These things can usually be categorized under the SQUID elements listed above. Aside from many of my posts detailing current world events, most notable the election and the policies of President Donald Trump, I also seem to write mostly about things that have to do with intellect. Language, writing, as well as thoughts are all a part of school, yet they are so much more. This is the pattern that I have been noticing. Being a student, I am preoccupied on the daily with my learning and schoolwork, so it would make sense for me to write about those things I experience more often. I seem to return to delight again and again because, and I hope this applies to most people, I like to record things that bring me joy instead of things that bring me down. Unite is fairly common because, like most people, I am reminded of things from my past all the time when exposed to new sources of information.

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A previous post that I could definitely expand on is this one about fake news as well as self-education. Since the writing of this post, it seems as though the issue of fake news and the public being misled has only grown worse. Even the new president is now appearing ‘shady’ due to citing nonexistent ‘alternative facts’ and continuing to blame media organizations after the campaign has long finished. Weekly posts are not required to be any length. But as you can probably tell, this is my longest post which means that I actually took the time to thoroughly research a topic I was genuinely interested in. Oddly enough, the fact that I had to do my own research coincides with the message I was trying to convey. Fact-Check! Educate Yourselves! It is said that If a man is born uneducated or poor, he cannot be blamed. However if he dies uneducated or poor, he is the only one to blame. There is so much more to talk about, especially with recent developments in social media and politics, that I feel this post can easily be expanded.


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