Over the First Hurdle

16010573_997859976985281_1700232285_o[Picture Hand Drawn by Yours Truly]

I am truly proud to say that I have survived the first Finals week of Junior year…the supposed most difficult year in a high school student’s career. I honestly felt as if I would not make it out in one piece. You see, despite being perceived by some as a “straight A” scholar due to my taking five AP classes, I have never actually received straight A’s in my entire high school career. Now the dreaded week is finally over and i can finally relax…or so I thought.

Building off of one of my first posts on drowning in homework as well as my most recent post on the decline of play, I am here to express my despite for what teachers have done. Students have just survived an entire week of finishing up assignments, projects, essays, and worst of all, exams that determine huge swathes of their final grades. The most logical thing to do would be to allow students at least a few days to cool off and relax to prevent burning out. Instead, what teachers have chosen to do is immediately assign full length essays, multi-page outlines, new labs, and a plethora of other work. What a great gift inundating already-exhausted students with more work is! (sarcasm) While I’m not necessarily calling anyone out, I just feel as though students are not rewarded for their efforts, and thus are not motivated to continue trying their best.

Taking Freddie Hubbard’s Advice:

I advise all the young kids to not overwork. You can’t be out there blowing hard. You have to pace yourself.

Clearly, if we are flooded with more work after already exhausting the last of our mental reserves we are not “pacing ourselves” or, rather, we are not being allowed to pace ourselves.


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