Never Thought I’d Be Saying This…

What is rain? Seems like a simple question but it is understandable to many of us Southern Californians who have not experienced it in so long. If you’ve been totally unaware, California, especially in the south, has been experiencing one of the worst droughts in history for the past few years. However, 2017 has marked a turning point as we’ve probably had more rain fall this year than the entirety of 2016! Most notably the rains started picking up last week on Friday, where the torrential downpour was so strong you could hear it as loud as an airplane flying overhead. The winds were so strong that my umbrella’s frame was nearly snapped inside-out (many of my friends were not as lucky). But then something peculiar happened. The following Saturday the sky was clear and blue, clouds were white and minimal, the birds were chirping in the sky. It was the picturesque definition of a ‘beautiful day.’

I had thought ‘hmm maybe we are still in a drought and that was probably the most rain we’re gonna get all year.’ Was I in for a surprise! The following day, our city was hit with one of the longest lasting storms in years, it is still ongoing as of writing this post, and is most likely to go on for a few more days. The picture above is a photo of the flooding in my backyard. Since moving into this house a few years back, never have I seen it flood to that level. The picture may make it seem shallower than it really is (nearly knee-deep in some areas of the grass). In fact, my parents were actually worried that it might reach our house and seep into the floor! However, once the water stopped rising because, from here on out its only downhill, they were relieved as the evaporation to precipitation to absorption ratio was just perfect.


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