The Crucible

This picture that I took represents many things. Not only is it a poem of my own creation, made on a whim within only a few minutes. But it is also a critique on both society today and on a work of literature that was, in and of itself, its own critique on society in the past. The poem in reference to the “Devil and Bluebird” is a direct correlation to The Crucible, a play about the infamous Salem Witch trials in which swaths of most likely innocent people were condemned to death all because of some superstition. The “torch in the night” can be drawn to the hanging of John Proctor, who acts as a martyr, eventually leading the people of Salem to finally stop their foolishness, though enough damage had already been dealt.

The contemporary social critique I have included is actually indirectly shown in the background of the photograph. This election was quite the spectacle, which candidates attacking and blaming each other for things that might or might not be true, similar to the Salem Witch Trials AND the Red Scare, which the Crucible was based off of. In the end, Donald Trump has emerged victorious, the first time a candidate with absolutely no experience and with the the establishment so against them has made office, all by the grace of the citizens themselves. For half of America, Trump will be the “torch” to a new and brighter, a “greater” America. For the others this is no less than their country’s “heaven catching fire.”


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