1221_james-proud-2_825x1100-copyJames Proud, 25, is the Founder and CEO of Hello. (Photo: Ethan Pines for Forbes)

Upon stumbling across this article on Forbes’s Editor’s Picks, I couldn’t help but gravitate toward the story it told. You see, I myself aspire to be a entrepreneur in the tech world, and to read a success story such as that of James Proud is absolutely delighting. What’s even more interesting is the fact that he was part of an organization called the Thiel Fellows. If you aren’t aware, Peter Thiel is a billionaire and one of the co-founders of PayPal, holding considerable influence over the venture capitalist world.

A few years ago, he proposed a program to which thousands of applicants signed up to receive $50,000 instead of going to college. So, if James Proud was a fellow, that would mean he’s never gone to college! This is great because, not that college education is bad – if anything, its only beneficial – but many people think that college is the absolute only way to achieve success. This is clearly not true, the proof is right in front of us! Growing up, I was always taught that the only way to success was to get a stable job such as becoming a Doctor and enduring years of grueling medical school. I have since, thanks to stories like these, modified my plan to go to college only for a few years as necessary, then thrust myself onto the worlds stage as a new tech entrepreneur! These types of personalities are extremely interesting to me and I would surely want to investigate more into the matter.


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