31373552872_438e33ded5_oPhoto © 2016 by Joe Brusky [CC BY-NC 2.0]

The class source this week was an article by Sandy Tolan on the clashes and protests occurring over a controversial energy pipeline being built across America. In fact, even before reading this article, I had already been following this issue because it brings up some very important points. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a multi-billion dollar project that is designed to pump oil across the northern portion of the United States. However, all was going well until it was discovered the pipeline crossed right through a lake that was a major resource of fresh drinking water and food for a native tribe. In the case the pipe had a leak, the results would be devastating for the Standing Rock Sioux and the local residents. In response, thousands of people have gathered from not only around the country, but around the world, to protest the continued construction of the pipe.

Between the time I read this article and the time that I am now writing my blog post, it turns out that the people’s efforts did not go unheard. The United States Marine Corps of Engineers has withheld a necessary permit that would’ve allowed the major oil companies to plow right through the Sioux territory. To be honest, I was not always optimistic. I had actually believed these protests to be in vain and that the billion dollar companies would always prevail like always, though they may not necessarily be in the right. However, I am relieved and, quite frankly, surprised that the power of human emotion and perseverance has guided those affected to an astounding victory.

It sort of reminds me of another issue. Not saying whether it was right or wrong, it was the perseverance of the country’s conservative population which propelled Donald Trump to the presidency. Against all odds, the media rigged against him, the population centers turning evermore blue, the rest of the country lashed out and held out…until the time was right. In a similar sense, it was also perseverance, or lack thereof, which quelled the protests that had been going so strong against the president elect. Now that the opposition has grown weary and the recounts gone cold, the Trump’s presidency is practically sealed.


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