459280147_bb1e30cdc8_oPhoto © 2006 by aldo c zavala [CC BY-ND 2.0]

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being able to watch Mel Gibson’s comeback film, Hacksaw Ridge. This movie is one of, if not my absolute favorite war film of all time (Forrest Gump doesn’t count because only a small part of it is based on war). I will give my honest to god impressions of the movie, trying my best not to spoil anything for you readers who I highly suggest go watch this movie. First, the cinematography and direction. Absolutely gorgeous, though some war films do look crisper, nothing captures the true horrors of war quite like this film. In fact, I read that the war veterans who’ve seen this movie have stated outright that this even surpasses Saving Private Ryan in its ultra-realistic depiction of war. Mel Gibson is quite notorious for his direction of violence and, as you can guess, this movie has plenty of it. However, this is actually a positive thing. The violence is what adds to the weight of this movie. You spend the entire first had building up this relationship with so many of the characters. Then, all of a sudden, you are thrown into the hell-fire that is war! The movie itself is a masterpiece but it is the story we are here to discuss.

This is an extremely touching story about a young man who, even though his beliefs tell him that he should never touch a weapon or bring harm to any man, enlists in the military to serve his country. I hardly ever shed tears during movies but, I have to admit, I cried in this story. The trials that Private Doss must go through to serve for his country are hard and sometimes hard to watch. I recently made a post about perseverance and by god does Private Doss have a ton of it. The man ran into the rage of war without a single weapon to defend himself and not only lived, but he saved the lives of 75 other men, even some one the opposing side. The courage that it would take to go into war voluntarily is already insurmountable. But to also stand by your beliefs, even on the verge of being sent to prison, and to risk your life and stay behind in order to rescue more of your brethren – nothing could be more brave. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of a good movie, a war fan, an action fan, a romance fan, or just anyone who wants to experience an unimaginably powerful story, to definitely go see this film!


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