Like Father Like Son


I recently interviewed my dad for an English assignment and posted it to StoryCorps. It was an extremely amazing experience getting to truly be able to connect with my dad in quite a while. I was able to find out things about him that I never knew of before. His childhood made me realize how especially lucky I am to be living here today. Here I am wanting the latest tech gadgets, while my dad at my age was playing with sticks in the mud.

I am also reminded much of myself in my dad’s character in his childhood. he said he would always be the studious out of two brothers who would always avoid getting into trouble. For the most part this is very much like me, though lately I’ve been trying to break out of this shell and have more adventures with family and friends. As my dad said at the end of the interview, I truly wish to be able to visit Vietnam one day, just to see where it all began for my parents and our family culture.


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