Hypocritical Politics

30252722103_59a762d1af_oPhoto © 2016 by oinonio [CC BY-SA 2.0]

“If you are not a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. But if you are still a middle-aged liberal, you have no head.”

-Numerous famous leaders, activists, and philosophers throughout history, most notably Winston Churchill

When news that Donald J. Trump had been elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, chaos broke out all over the country. I am in no way taking a side when I say that this is unruly and frankly, quite hypocritical. When Donald Trump said he would leave the nation “in suspense” all of the Democrats lashed out. They said that they were scared his supporters would protest the new President Clinton and riot. They used all this in their vitriol towards the Republicans, making themselves out to be so innocent.

Now look at what is happening. Because the outcome of the election did not support their agenda, thousands of young liberals are taking to the streets in the same fashion they feared the conservatives would. Not only are the disrupting traffic and other people, they are staining the name of the liberals who pride themselves in their “acceptance.” Hillary already conceded the election yet these people are just protesting to no avail.

What disgusts me the most is the fact that they are turning violent in spite of Obama and Clinton advocating for a peaceful transition of power. Many are being arrested for disorderly conduct and fighting law enforcement. The liberals are blocking streets, and raising the flags of ISIS and Mexico. Most shockingly, they are burning the star spangled banner – the American flag. I think that speaks for itself in who these people are. They are young, energized, passionate. However, they are blinded by faith and the way they are acting is unacceptable and giving what they supposedly represent a bad name.


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