What’s Gonna Work?


The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.

-James Cash Penney ( J. C. Penney )

While doing research on famous entrepreneurs, I came across this quote uttered by grate retail mogul J. C. Penney. Now, any normal person might read this quote and think “That’s absurd! There’s no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’,” and I might agree with them. However, this brought me back to my days on the Fountain Valley Cross Country and Track and Field Team where this was exactly what we went through. When you think of a team you always think basketball or baseball, sports where everyone stays together. It isn’t like that in cross country or track. Everyone runs at his or her own capacity and they try their hardest to not let the rest of the team down. I know that first hand since I was one of the slower guys on the team and had to really exert myself for the sake of the team. But although I had to work harder, I’m not particularly mad about it. In fact, it would have even been more stressful had the entire team ran at my pace and get weighed down because of me. Instead of that, they cheered me on and understood I was trying my best and resolved to try their own best – and it worked out just fine that way. The cross country and track teams are some of, if not the closest-knit teams I’ve seen at Fountain Valley. They are so supportive of one another and friendly too. This is all in spite of these sports being considered “individual achievement” sports where only one winner gets all the glory. Deep down it isn’t like that, and I realized this straight away when were won, together as a team, our first achievement in freshman year’s first race.


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