Ferris Bueller’s Year Off

9243911569_a8874f834a_oPhoto ©2013 by Craig Duffy [CC BY-NC 2.0]

In reading “Class Dismissed” by Walter Kirn, I have come to respectfully disagree with what he has claimed. Sure, cutting out senior year could reduce costs and possible whip slacking students into shape. However, after looking at both the benefits and costs, I have determined that our current system outweighs the proposed change. First of all, there are many students around the country who are not as gifted as Mr. Kirn is. They simply do not have the capacity to “graduate early” and go straight to college. There are those who need to catch up on credits they’ve missed – Credits necessary to graduate, or to go to the college of their dreams. Many are also not as financially sound and may need time to seek a part time job. In addition, many just want an extra buffer year to get to experience it all. You may argue that they could still do this in college, or just take a year without school altogether. Well, my argument is this: I would rather they be in school and still learning or interacting with friends while experiencing the rest of high school or life than just off doing whatever they want. Also, many don’t want to rush into college and have their permanent college transcript ruined by some early mistakes. In fact, there already exist systems where students are able to graduate as early as sophomore year if they so desire. Even I was tempted to partake in one of theses systems but have so chosen to stay, because it is my right to be able to choose. Therefore, I see no need in trying to take away yet another one of the few choices students have in this education system. On that note, I find it particularly strange how Kirn has the audacity to try to build a compelling argument based only upon pop culture, rumors, and some old acquaintances of his – all of which clearly do not reflect accurately upon the whole populous. He lacks the sufficient Ethos rhetoric to convince me otherwise – possibly due to the fact he never had any experience with the topic at hand, senior year, at all.


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