War…War Never Changes

14803319_926497307454882_1467646694_o[Image courtesy of: myself (one of my better pictures)]

World War II was one of the worst times in the history of mankind, no one will disagree. The amount of atrocities committed and lives lost would lead one to believe that no good could have ever come out of the war. But all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives…what did they fight for? What was the point? Well, to sum it up, they did not die in vain.

World War II saw the rise and crushing fall behind the most powerful and terrible powers to ever exist, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Empire of the Rising Sun. However it also drought upon a new age, one of advancement and prosperity. The world was emerging from the Great Depression, women and minorities enjoyed more freedoms than ever, and the United States solidified its position at the top (whereas it wasn’t even considered in the most powerful nations before the war). Ever since WWII, there have been only few local wars and conflicts. Ever since the war, we’ve put a man in space and on the moon. We’ve created pocket computers, the internet, mass produced transportation, and so much more. This is a picture of the World War II memorial I took in Washington D.C.:


Though it represents such a difficult time for America and the world, the monument itself is strangely beautiful. The pristine waters in the fountain and the great slabs of rock that surround it are a sight to behold. Without condoning the war, if one were to look past all of the destruction, perhaps they could find beauty. Perhaps they could find peace.


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