Mi Nombre Es…

1462936442_e87f582d06_oPhoto ©2007 by Manny Hernandez [CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0]

We did an activity in class regarding The House on Mango Street once again. In this particular passage, it becomes apparent that Esperanza despises her name. In groups, we discussed as to why she hates her name, and for the most part I understood. However, there were a few that were confusing not only to me, but to my group as well.

An example of how I could relate is how she describes her name as being inescapable. She is virtually stuck to her name that was bestowed upon her at birth, and she can’t even change it like her sister is able to. In addition, she draws a couple parallels between her great-grandmother and herself. She does this to show how lonely her great-grandmother’s life was and to say she does not wish to meet the same fate.

This is where it gets strange. Towards the beginning of the chapter, Esperanza compares her name to the number nine metaphorically. My group and I deduced that this was probably because it was how many letters made up her name. However, I just can’t seem to understand,: What is so bad about the number nine?

In addition, she compares her name to a muddy color. I understand that mud is perceived as dirty by some, but is it necessarily bad? Despite being relatively useless to humans, Mud provides essential nutrients to numerous plants and animals. Heck, have you seen Kanye West’s new fashion line? It’s made of almost all muddy or gray colors! Therefore I must ask: What is so bad about muddy colors?


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