I could have EXPLODED!

29986812710_268c28bd17_oPhoto ©2016 by mike [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

When the Galaxy Note 7 was released earlier this year, it was welcomed with raving reviews. Many prominent publishers and tech reviews dubbed it “Best Smartphone of 2016” thanks to its picture quality, processing speed, elegance, and…larger battery. Little did people know that just a few months later it would be the center of one of the worst hazard recalls this year. After investigations were launched, it would appear that cheap manufacturing and corner cutting to maximize profit cause the battery to be prone to excessive heat and explode. My old phone, a uni-body all-metal HTC M8 would heat up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit yet it never exploded (though I never should have allowed it to reach such dangerous temperatures anyway). Samsung issued a massive recall of its flagship product but the damage had been done. How could it have been any worse? Well, as it turns out, the replacement phones which Samsung issued as refunds also began exploding! Several documented cases have already surfaced of the new ‘safer’ model suffering from the same defects as its predecessor. Furthermore, to add salt to their wounds, Apple released their new iPhone 7, which is sure to dominate this year with its greatest rival incapacitated.

A few months back i was at the T-mobile store with my family, as it was time to switch over from Verizon. There were two phones I had in mind, the Galaxy S7 edge or the Note 7. Luckily, they had a one-day promotion where the Edge was Buy-one get-one, so I went with that. By cousin however, was not as lucky and is now stuck with her ticking-time-bomb of a phone. I am delighted and relieved that I was at the right place at the right time to avoid going BOOM!

I truly hope that Samsung takes a long hard look at what they’ve done and that they work to better themselves. Pumping out not one but two flagship smartphones less than a year apart must have really reduced the quality of their manufacturing. I really love Samsung products and I will wait and see if and how they can dig themselves out of this hole of controversy and falling stock prices.


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