Layngwij Ihz Weeard (Language is Weird)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto ©2012 by Neil R[CC-by-NC 2.0]

After seeing Mr. Ziebarth’s post about “fish” being spelled as “ghoti” I was curious enough to go and find my own unique, yet linguistically correct spellings:

Ptolognyrrh = Turner
T as in “receipt
UR as in “colonel”
N as in “gnat”
ER as in “myrrh
Imagine spelling your last name that way!

Gheaucholo = Future
F as in “tough
U as in “beauty”
T as in “chew”
URE as in “colonel”

Reading up on why these words can be spelled like this truly expanded my interest in English and I came to realize that language is never 100% defined and can be interpreted differently by all.

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