Drowning in My Future – Oct. 5

2495963551_131b906220_oPhoto ©2005 by Ian Boyd [CC-BY-NC-2.0]

Why do teachers assign so much homework to the point where the typical “six-hour” school day is almost doubled? Sure, one could argue it’s my fault for taking so many impacted courses, but I assure you that is just a minor reason. Even in my freshman year, I often found myself staying up hours past my bedtime. Many of my closest friends who are taking regular classes are also plagued by this problem. I realize that Advanced Placement courses are meant to simulate an introductory college course. However what I found was that this is nothing more than an excuse. Teachers must realize that college classes are taken more spaced apart and at the whim of the student. AP courses, on the other hand, are trying to force upon students a workload that is usually more diffused into a much tighter period of time.

That isn’t even the most shocking thing. I actually attended community college, taking both summer and simultaneous night courses. By far, the real college classes were much more easy going and overall a less labor intensive experience. Which brings me to ask…why are high school classes that mimic college classes harder than the actual college classes themselves? An example that was particularly puzzling to me was how I was assigned a 50 point project — taking me nearly five to six hours to complete — in the first week of junior year. If it was to further my knowledge, then of course, I would deal with it. On the contrary, it entirely focused on only review material that I had already learned two years prior, nothing new.

Working hard for a brighter future is an amazing initiative, yes. But there comes a point at which a person can no longer ignore the deluge of responsibilities crashing down on them.



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